About the JRA

The Jesmond Residents Association covers the area bounded by the North Jesmond Ward and the South Jesmond Ward. Established in 1964, the Jesmond Residents Association is a non-political association set up to support and enhance the quality of life for the residents in Jesmond. Working closely with all local authority and MP’s to voice and provide support to the issues of the residents in order to protect and improve the local area socially and environmentally. We are currently providing support to Jesmond Library and its development into a community funded library following the decision of the City Council to cease funding it.

In recent years the JRA has campaigned, along with other groups and individuals, to stop family homes being converted into Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) since evermore family homes were being lost in this way. It was successful on 25 November 2011 when an Article 4 Direction came into effect in most of Jesmond. The Article 4 Direction requires that an application for planning permission be submitted for a change of use from use class C3 (family home) to use class C4 (HMO with between 3 and 6 tenants). Before 25 November 2011, planning permission was not required for this change of use. A further Article 4 Direction came into force on 9 December 2012 covering High West Jesmond. As a matter of policy, the JRA opposes all such requests for planning permission. However, it is important that those living near premises which are being considered as possible HMOs also object to the application.

Along Osborne Road, there are many pubs. From time to time they apply for changes in their liquor licenses (the so-called “premises license”) so that their standard hours for the sale of alcohol, currently set at 11 pm, are changed to a later time. The JRA has opposed all such proposals and has to date been successful. It is important that those living near pubs which apply for later hours also object.

Due to Government imposed cuts, the City Council has had to discontinue the highly regarded Night Noise Service. The JRA continues to work closely with the Police, the Council, local Councillors and the Universities to find ways of responding to anti-social behaviour.

A copy of the history of the first 50 years of the JRA written by Jean Baty can be found here.

A copy of the JRA Constitution can be read here.