Anti Social Behaviour

Since the start of the 2018/19 academic year Operation Oak has funded Police patrols on Fridays, Saturdays & Wednesdays during term time, with additional patrols at busy times, such as Freshers’ weeks & Christmas. Despite the additional patrols there doesn’t appear to be an improvement in residents experience of anti-social behaviour (ASB).

In addition to reports from permanent residents, ASB has also been reported by university staff & students who are unable to sleep or study because of noise from partying neighbours. One dangerous escalation, a resident has had a piece of concrete thrown through a bedroom window, while on the same night an adjacent student property had bottles broken against the windows. Another development has been parties starting in one evening & continuing into the next evening.

There is no reason for Jesmond Residents to suffer from unacceptable ASB, the Police are very responsive, but they can only respond to what is reported. The landlords of Houses in Multiple Occupation HMO’s are obliged to prevent ASB, again they can only respond to incidents that are reported.

As JRA we are writing to landlords with repeated incidents of ASB, this appears to be having a positive effect, as landlords do not wish to lose their HMO licence.

If you’re experiencing ASB please text Operation Oak by ringing 101 or if a very serious incident ring 999.

We recomment that ASB is reported using the End ASB in Jesmond reporting form (membership of the group isn’t required to access it):

or contact the council’s Public Safety and Regulation team, who deal with ASB issues, directly at:

If you need any advice or assistance reporting ASB please email