e-Bulletins and Newsletters

The JRA regularly publish e-Bulletins and Newsletters to summarise the latest news in Jesmond.

e-Bulletins are only sent out by Linkmail as well as being archived here.

Newsletters are printed and delivered to every accessible household in Jesmond to try and reach people that may not otherwise come across the JRA.

Here is an archive of e-Bulletins and Newsletters over the years.

E-Bulletin 2020 Spring

E-Bulletin 2019 Late Summer

Newsletter 2019 Spring

E-Bulletin 2018 Summer

Newsletter Autumn 2017

E-Bulletin 2017 Spring

E-Bulletin 2016 Autumn

Newsletter Summer 2016

E-Bulletin 2016 Spring

E-Bulletin 2015 Autumn

Newsletter Summer 2015

E-Bulletin 2014 Autumn

Newsletter Summer 2014

E-Bulletin 2014 Winter

E-Bulletin 2013 Autumn