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Pre Planning Application - Public Display

We have been approached by the owners of the current Newcastle Clinic at the junction of Jesmond Dene Road and Osborne Road.  They have plans to redevelop the site into residential usage. The new development will comprise 14 apartments that will be either one or two bedroom. The apartments will be sold.

The proposed scheme comprises retention and conversion of the former Christian Science Church building along with demolition of the later extensions to accommodate a new build block.  The development is subject to ongoing pre-application discussions with the Planning Department at Newcastle City Council and as part of this process, they are keen to engage with key stakeholders. In current circumstances, this cannot extend to a public display but they have directly contacted the Ward Councillors and will be writing to adjoining occupiers to make them aware of the proposal and invite comments.

They see the key features of their proposal as;

  • Residential use consistent and compatible with immediate area
  • Reduction in traffic movements and volumes from current use
  • Retention of and investment in a potential heritage asset
  • New build set back from former church to ensure the latter is the dominant feature
  • Retention of all existing trees
  • High quality design in place of existing, dated extensions

See below for links to more detailed plans and information. Please note these remain a work in progress and as such are high level only at this stage.  Whilst they pick up a number of changes requested by NCC at their first pre-application meeting they are still waiting for feedback on this version from the planning officer. Whilst they are hopeful the fundamentals will remain, the detail could still change.  There is also a summary showing how they have developed the scheme to accommodate planning officers comments which you may find interesting.

We understand options for relocation of the Clinic are being evaluated but this is not relevant to the redevelopment proposals.

The site plan shows a total of 16 parking spaces are provided on site along with a number of cycle bays. As per NCC requirements, a number of parking spaces will benefit from electric charging points

With reference to possible concerns as to whether the scheme is targeted at student accommodation, they have advised as follows:  "At this stage we cannot guess who may purchase the units or for what purpose, but I can confirm we are aiming to provide a high quality development aimed at professionals. The standard of finish will be at least equivalent to our scheme in central Harrogate (The Balmoral) details of which can be found on our website ( and which will give you an indication as to the nature of the scheme."


Summary of Changes

Please send any comments you have on these proposals to:

Alternatively if you do not wish to comment directly you can send your comments to:  Even if you comment directly it would be useful to get a copy of your comments.

The following statement in the Jesmond Dene Conservation Area Character Statement is relevant to this proposal:

"At the junction of Jesmond Dene Road and the south side of Towers Avenue is a former Christian Scientist Church. It is now now a medical centre. It has had modern extensions which do not sit well in their context, and it has lost the low boundary wall it once had, to be replaced with a taller plain brick wall.